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Executive Office

The Executive Office (EO) is composed of five key programs that provide support functions to the Executive Director, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, and the Department as a whole. These functions include:

Executive Management

Provides logistical and technical support to the activities of the Commission and the Executive Director. Manages all procedures associated with Commission rulemaking and open meeting criteria; conduct policy review and maintains and updates agency policy. Provides services to all employees of the Department and the public. All requests for assistance and/or information received will be reviewed and acted upon/or referred accordingly.

Internal Affairs

Responsible for insuring that the integrity of the Department is maintained through an internal system that insures objectivity fairness and justice through impartial audits, complaint and criminal investigations, legal and administrative inquiries, and review processes. This section also provides protection to executives and other dignitaries, investigates threats, and coordinates and supervises security for special events attended by these officials. The office is responsible to the Executive Director and is composed of an audit unit and an investigative unit.

The Internal Affairs Section is responsible for conducting complaints investigations, legal inquiries, administrative inquiries, criminal investigations, special investigations, and firearms discharge investigations involving injury or death.

Internal Audit

The program's purpose is to assist the Department in accomplishing it's objectives by determining that financial, management, and electronic data processing control systems are designed and functioning properly to ensure the economic, efficient, and effective conduct of operations in accordance with the annual audit plan approved by the Commission's Finance Committee and the Executive Director.

Inter-Governmental Affairs

Acts as legislative liaison and point of contact for the Department to expedite responses to inquires from the state legislature and provides input on issues over which the Department has jurisdiction. Acts as a liaison to the Texas Congressional delegation and other congressional leaders. Functions as a liaison for the Department with international governments principally in Mexico, to develop cooperative programs as appropriate and within guidelines established by state government.

Executive Office Contacts

Region/Office Address Phone Staff Contact
Executive Management Executive Office
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
4200 Smith School Road
Austin, Texas 78744
512-389-4458 Patty Vela
Internal Audit Same as above 512-389-4458 Patty Vela
Internal Affairs Same as above 512-389-4458 Patty Vela
Inter-Governmental Affairs Same as above 512-389-4804 Carole Hemby

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