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Join our team to pass along the joy of fishing to youth and adults through our angler education programs! We will train you to become a certified volunteer instructor.  We'll provide hands-on training materials and equipment to make your teaching experience fun and successful.

Become an Angler Education Instructor

Instructor Training

  • Basic Fishing or Junior Angler classes provide basic skills of assembling tackle, identifying fish, understanding fishing regulations and safety, and describing good fish habitat.
  • Advanced Fishing or Master Angler classes provide more advanced experiences in both fresh and saltwater fishing, as well as insight into both fresh and saltwater aquatic environments.
  • Basic Flyfishing is a fun, activity-based, introductory class intended to inspire students to continue with the Intermediate Flyfisher class. Graduates are familiar with fly tackle, rods and reels, flies, proper casting techniques, aquatic habitat, safety and ethics.
  • Intermediate Flyfishing is a chance to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to begin flyfishing. Graduates can identify fish and fish habitats, tie flyfishing knots and flies, understand fishing regulations, proper fish handling and can safely perform 4-part cast.

These events are supported in part by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service through Sportfish and Restoration Act funds and by local businesses.

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