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Ecological Mapping Systems of Texas




Natural Regions

State Parks Trails




  Download    Counties

  Download    State Plane Zones

  Download    Texas-Louisiana Boundary Line - 1976

  Download    Texas-Louisiana Boundary Points - 1976

  Download    Quads - 24K

  Download    City Points

  Download    Wildlife Management Areas


Ecological Mapping Systems of Texas - external download through Google Drive

    General Phase Map

    Omernik Ecoregions Level III Map

Download    Texas Ecological Systems by Ecoregion

Download    EMST Phase 1

Download    EMST Phase 2

Download    EMST Phase 3

Download    EMST Phase 4

Download    EMST Phase 5

Download    EMST Phase 6

Download    EMST Phase 7


  Download    Texas DEM - 30m

  Download    Texas Hillshade - 30m


  Download    Geology - 250K



  Download    Aquifers - Major

  Download    Aquifers - Minor

  Download    Artificial Reefs - Aug, 2012

  Download    Average Annual Regional Precipitation

  Download    Basins

  Download    Freshwater-Saltwater Line

  Download    Lakes & Bays

  Download    Lake Texoma Boundary Line

  Download    Major Bays

  Download    Minor Bays

  Download    Playas

  Download    Significant Streams Segments

  Download    Springs

  Download    Waterbodies - 24K


Natural Regions

  Download    Bailey's Ecoregions

  Download    Gould Ecoregions

  Download    Natural Regions

  Download    Natural Sub-Regions

  Download    Omernik Regions Level IV

  Download    Texas Biotic Provinces Lines

  Download    Texas Biotic Provinces Polygons


State Park Trails

Download    State Park Trails KMZ Downloads

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