Public Hunting - Panhandle

The Public Hunting Lands Map Booklet and Public Dove Hunting Areas supplement are divided into eight public hunting regions. Most of these public hunting regions are based on population centers like Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston-Beaumont, San Antonio-Corpus Christi, etc. Please check the Map of New Texas Public Hunting Regions to locate the public hunting areas near you.

Each public hunt region has a chart showing which animals may be hunted on each area. Most areas support dove hunting.

Download the entire booklet here: 2013-2014 TPWD Map Booklet for Public Hunting Lands

Region Map and Hunts Offered

2455 Briscoe County: FM 1065 | FM 1065 aerial view

2224 Collingsworth County: Wolf Creek | Wolf Creek aerial view

702 Cottle County: Matador WMA | Matador WMA aerial view

2451 Cottle County: Dunlap | Dunlap aerial view

751 Donley County: Taylor Lakes Unit - Playa Lakes WMA | Taylor Lakes Unit aerial view

Floyd County Complex 1

2362 Circle Tree | Circle Tree aerial view
2383 Bluestem | Bluestem aerial view

Floyd County Complex 2

2301 South Plains | South Plains aerial view
2425 Rail Track | Rail Track aerial view

2382 Floyd County: Mesquite Hill | Mesquite Hill aerial view

Hansford County Complex

2264 County Road 18 | County Road 18 aerial view
2265 Miller's Lake | Miller's Lake aerial view

755 Hemphill County: Gene Howe WMA | Gene Howe WMA aerial view

706 Lipscomb County: W. A. (Pat) Murphy Unit - Gene Howe WMA | W.A. (Pat) Murphy Unit aerial view

2361 Lubbock/Hale Counties: Abernathy | Abernathy aerial view

2473 Terry County: Pride Cemetary | Pride Cemetary aerial view

Public Hunt Region 2 - Trans-Pecos

Public Hunt Region 3 - Central Texas

Public Hunt Region 4 - Dallas/Ft. Worth

Public Hunt Region 5 - Pineywoods

Public Hunt Region 6 - Austin/Waco

Public Hunt Region 7 - Houston/Beaumont

Public Hunt Region 8 - San Antonio/Corpus Christi

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