Frequently Asked Questions about the State Competition

What is the attending school?

The attending school is the school in which the student is enrolled.

What is a division?

There are four divisions in this archery tournament; Primary (K-3rd), Elementary (4th-6th), Middle (7th-8th) and High School (9th-12th.) Individual and team competitions will occur within these four divisions.

What is a flight?

A flight is a shooting time. There will be four shooting times or flights during this tournament, Flight 1 @ 8:00, Flight 2 @ 10:00, Flight 3 @12:00, and Flight 4 @ 2:00.

What is a flight preference?

A flight preference is your choice of one of the four flight times 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00. You can add your entire school to a single flight preference or you may add your school to different flights.

What if my Flight preference is unavailable?

If your Flight Preference is not available we will attempt to honor your next Flight Preferences.

What do I do if two shooters will be using the same bow?

If two shooters are using the same bow, they should be assigned to the same flight. One will be designated shooter "A" and the other shooter "B".

What are 'shooter A' and 'shooter B'?

Within a lane set, shooter A will shoot first and shooter B will shoot second.

What if my team has one or more members shooting up on a higher division team? For example, a 5th grade student "up" on a Middle (7-8th grade) team.

This student will be considered a middle school team member and an elementary individual. This student could win a team award in the middle school division and an individual award in the elementary division.

Why must a team contain 16-24 team members if only 12 members' scores will be added to constitute the team score for the competition?

The NASP promotes inclusion of many students of all genders and abilities. By requiring teams to have more members than are scored, it is hoped that schools will include members on the teams that might not otherwise be able to participate. In other words, a team member whose score might not be high enough to include in the team's score, won't reduce the team's final ranking.

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