Nobody's Waterproof Campaign

Come out and enjoy the water with us this year!

Texas Parks and Wildlife is partnering with the Lower Colorado River Authority, National Safe Boating Council, U.S. Coast Guard, and other partners and sponsors around the state to reach boaters and water enthusiasts around the state with a combined water safety awareness and outreach campaign. We will be participating in creative, fun events around the state to encourage enjoyment of Texas waterways while practicing safe boating and water use.

Outreach events feature roving boats, staffed with fun people cruising lakes and waterways with games and prizes for all! Events may also include shoreline family activities; participation and prizes by local marinas, boat dealers, and other businesses; and live radio remotes providing entertainment. Winter events will include variations of Nobody's Waterproof activities held at statewide boat shows and outreach events.

Nobody's Waterproof is designed to reach young adults and family audiences, so check out our website and look for us on a waterway near you this summer!

Principles of Safe Boating
Safe Boating Campaign - click to visit the National Safe Boating Council website
  1. Wearing life jackets save lives.
  2. Designate a driver. Sober boating saves lives.
  3. Boater Education saves lives.
  4. Safe boats save lives.

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