Archery Basics

Your Responsibility as an Archer

dry firing a bow

Don't ever "dry fire" a bow

  • Always use an arrow when firing a bow


Don't ever be careless with broadheads

  • Treat bows and arrows like you would a loaded firearm - carry or store broadheads covered, and always keep them pointed in a safe direction

Don't ever shoot bent, cracked or broken arrows

  • Always check bows and arrows for cracks or separations

falling from tree

Don't ever hunt from an elevated stand without using a safety harness

  • Always strap in, as soon as you get into the stand


Don't ever carry your hunting gear with you into an elevated stand

  • Always use a hauling line to hoist it up after you're safely strapped in

Don't ever shoot at a sound or target with an obscure background

  • Always be sure of your target and what lies beyond it


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