3 Archery Quiz

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1. Before attempting to hunt with a bow, one should:
   get accustomed to the equipment
   learn to shoot consistently
   practice shooting from a variety of positions and stances
   all of the above

2. When using a tree stand you should:
    make sure the stand is secured and will hold your weight.
    climb up, strap in, and then haul up your hunting gear.
    climb down in extreme weather, lightning or highwind.
    all of the above

3. How long should you wait to trail a deer hit with a broadhead?
    15 minutes
    1 hour
    half day

4. You should use arm and finger protection when shooting a bow.

5. What should you ALWAYS do while hunting with a bow:
    dry fire the bow to practice
    carry broadheads in a covered quiver
    hunt from an elevated stand without using a safety harness
    shoot at a moving target

6. Cocking your crossbow can be done by hand or with a cocking mechanism.

7. Which of the following is NOT a type of arrow?
    target point
    field point
    blunt tip
    curved tip

8. The maximum effective range for most skilled archers is:
    20-30 yards
    50-75 yards
    75-100 yards
    over 100 yards

9. One rule that applies to archery hunting is never wear or carry anything that is the color of the animal you are hunting.

10. Signs to look for when trailing a wounded deer are:
    blood under trees or on grass, rocks, leaves, and bushes
    tracks or trampled grass and trails
    carrion eaters
    all of the above



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