6. Hunting Skills Quiz

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1. Which field carry provides the most control of your firearm:

2. These images indicate which of the following:
    The best areas to eat
    The best areas to mount
    The best areas to avoid
    The best areas to place the shot

3. Which of the following does NOT violate a hunting safety rule :
    two hunters shooting at the same game
    carrying a loaded firearm in vehicle
    identifying target and what lies beyond
    keeping your finger on the trigger while stalking game

4. When crossing a fence with a firearm:
    open the action
    unload the firearm
    rest the muzzle on a hat
    all of the above

5. What does this picture represent?
    safe zones of fire
    migratory birds
    field view
    light waves

6. You should always "plan your hunt and hunt your plan."

7. You do not have to make sure your game is properly tagged before field dressing.
8. When transporting big game, you should always:
    transport your game over your shoulders without using Hunter Orange
    be discrete and respect the animal as you transport it home
    always make the carcass and head the subject of public display
    do not worry about tagging the animal once it is being transported

9. Which choice is NOT recommended when approaching downed wildlife?
    Approach from behind quietly
    Shoot it again to make sure it is dead
    Poke animal gently with a stick
    Touch the eye gently, if there's no reaction, animal is usually dead

10. It is safe to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle as long as the safety is on.


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