Loading a Muzzleloader

1. Clear the nipple vent or
flashhole and place the
hammer at half cock

2. Using measure, pour powder
charge into bore

3. Postion patch over the
muzzle and seat the ball - flat
side up - using the short

4. Trim patch flush with muzzle,
or sue pre-cut patches

5. Use the long starter and with a single blow, start the ball down the bore

6. Using short strokes of ramrod near the muzzle end, firmly seat the ball against the powder charge

7. Firmly place cap on nipple

8. To prime a flintlock, charge the flash pan with FFFFg powder.

Checking or Unloading a Muzzleloader

Remove cap or priming powder to safely and legally unload a muzzleloader for transportation in a vehicle or for crossing an obstacle

Use a CO2 ball charger to discharge a misfire or improperly loaded charge from a muzzleloader


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