4. Muzzleloader Quiz

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1. Of the following, which is NOT a rule of black powder safety:
    never expose black powder to open flame
    never blow down the barrel of a gun
    never pour powder directly from the flask or horn into the barrel
    always use smokeless powder in a muzzleloader

2. The size of black powder used in priming a flintlock (priming pan powder) is:
    none of the above

3. An accessory that can be used when removing an improperly loaded charge from a muzzleloader is:
    patch box
    barrel key
    CO2 ball discharger

4. A muzzleloader is defined as a firearm loaded only through the muzzle:

5. When loading a muzzleloader, you should:
    clear the nipple vent or flashhole and place the hammer at full cock
    pour the powder directly from the flask or horn into the barrel
    seat the patch and ball, and use your finger to start the ball down the bore
    using short strokes of the ramrod near the muzzle end, firmly seat the ball against the powder charge

6. When in the field with a muzzleloader, you should always:
    remove cap or priming powder to "unload" the muzzleloader before crossing an obstacle
    store powder and caps safely away from open flame, heat, and sparks
    remove the ramrod before firing
    all of the above

7. Which of the following is a typical black powder firearm action:
    flintlock action
    caplock action
    in-line action
    all of the above

8. Which of the following is not a black powder accessory:
    nipple wrench
    powder measure
    none of the above

9. When cleaning a muzzleloader:
    remove barrel from stock
    immerse breech of barrel in hot and soapy water
    swab the barrel with a patch in a pumping motion until patch comes out clean
    all of the above

10. Black powder is very corrosive:


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