Outdoor Skills - First Aid


Most burns in the field are thermal (heat) burns, caused by fire, over-exposure to sunlight, certain chemicals and hot surfaces or substances.

Note: If clothes catch on fire, STOP - DROP - ROLL

Hunting partner can assist by smothering with blankets, sleeping bags, etc.

For measuring body surface, the palm of your hand is about 1%

1st degree - Red/pink, hot skin
2nd degree - Red/skin blisters
3rd degree - Deep layers/charred skin

What to do:

  • Determine the severity of burn (first, second and third degree burns increase in amount of skin layers destroyed)
  • Remove clothing from burned area (if burns aren't severe)
  • Douse with cool water until pain stops
  • Cover with dry, nonstick, sterile dressing, keep area clean
  • Watch for signs of infection and dehydration
  • If burn is over more than 15% of body, or appears to be deep (second or third degree) - seek medical attention immediately

Do not:

  • Apply ice
  • Break blisters if it can be avoided
  • Apply any type of salve, ointment, sprays or creams
  • Pull or cut away clothing around deep burns


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