Outdoor Skills - First Aid

CPR Basics

Cardio - Pulmonary - Resuscitation

When there is no pulse and no breathing:

Tilt head back and lift chin up. Pinch victim's nose shut.

Blow 2 slow breaths into victim's mouth (2 seconds for adults, 1-1/2 for children)

  • inhale after each breath
  • watch for chest to rise
  • allow deflation after each breath
  • reposition neck if necessary

Check pulse - put 2 fingers in groove of neck nearest you - if there is no pulse, begin chest compressions.

Slide fingers up rib cage to notch in middle of chest.

Put index finger in notch & slide heel of other hand next to fingers.

Put hand that found the rib notch on top of other hand and press downward with heel of bottom hand about 1 1/2-2 inches, making sure to keep your arms straight.
NOTE: Use only one hand on a child or small or aged adult

Keep this procedure up, alternating breaths & compressions:

  • 2 breaths
  • 15 compressions (one-and-two-and...)
  • 2 breaths - continue until victim breathes or help arrives

Check pulse & breathing regularly for any response


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