11 First Aid Quiz

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1. If you suspect an ankle sprain, which one of the following is NOT part of the "RICE" procedure:

2. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of hypothermia:
   slurred speech
   stiff fingers

3. If the water temperature is 40-50 degrees (F.), the time for exhaustion or unconsciousness is:
   30 - 60 minutes
   1 - 2 hours
   2 - 7 hours

4. Which of the following is NOT a recommended treatment in the field for hypothermia:
   raise the victim's body temperature with dry clothing
   keep the victim warm
   apply hot water directly to the skin
   construct a shelter to keep the victim warm

5. Which of the following is a cause of frostbite:
   high temperatures
   wind chill
   heavy insulation
   loose-fitting clothing

6. Once you warm a body part, you must keep it warm. If you cannot protect it from freezing again, it is better to leave it frozen until you can.

7. If you are burned in the field, you should:
   apply ice
   break the blister(s)
   pull or cut away clothing around deep burns
   cover with dry, nonstick, sterile dressing and keep area clean

8. If one experiences a sudden illness in the field, you should NOT:
   leave the unconscious victim alone
   help the victim get comfortable
   sit the victim upright
   loosen any tight clothing and be calm and reassuring

9. If stung by a bee or wasp, you should:
   wash the area with soap & water
   apply cold pack for 15-20 minutes
   relieve pain with aspirin or anti-itching cream
   all of the above

10. When it comes to wilderness "first aid," all hunters should attend a certified First Aid and CPR class.


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