Outdoor Skills - First Aid

Dislocations and Sprains

What to do

A dislocation is displacement of a bone end from its normal position at the joint

Example: Displacement of humerus (upper arm bone) from shoulder socket

Can cause a deformed looking shoulder

Arm and shoulder joints can be additionally stabilized by fashioning a sling and swathe as shown here

Prepare a splint with a thin board or foam board and wrap with bandages or clean cloth (t-shirt, etc.)

Seek medical attention as soon as possible!

Splint with boot on



If you suspect an ankle sprain, use the RICE procedures listed at left. Do not apply heat until at least 48 hours after the injury - If swelling and pain don't decrease with in 48 hours, seek medical attention.


If you are hiking and sprain your ankle - Construct a splint over your boot until you return to camp or vehicle - Once boot is removed, hiking is finished - Don't push an injured ankle!


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