Outdoor Skills - Survival

Building Survival Fires

gathering twigs


Be selective and gather very fine dead twigs from lower limbs of standing trees.

wind to back


Shelter tinder from rain or snow with your body, and keep your back to the wind.

hold twigs


Hold twigs in hand in upright position.


Use two or more matches, and hold under twigs


Hold twigs until burning readily, then put on ground igniting tinder pile.

If it starts to rain or snow, take fuel with you into the shelter.
Keep it dry!

Obtaining Water

All water in North America should be considered contaminated. Organic contamination is bacteria from animal or vegetable matter: Mineral contamination comes from commercial and natural sources.

biol water

Boil at least 10 minutes

treat water

Treat with water purifie



a still

Distill as last resort (inefficient)

Tie a plastic bag around a leafy branch, or suspend it over a bush. Don't let bag touch the leaves. Water will collect at bottom of bag.

builting a still

A water "still" can also be constructed as shown. You need a sheet of plastic, a container & a drinking tube. Dig a hole of the approximate dimensions specified. Add vegetation, & douse the ground in hole with impure water. It will evaporate and then condense, filling your container with clean water.


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