10 Survival Quiz

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1. Crossing rushing rapids is not as dangerous as it looks.

2. Which of the following is NOT an essential item in your survival pack:
    matches for fire
    tarp for shelter
    food for satisfaction
    whistle for signaling

3. The number one outdoor danger is:
    falls and slides
    exposure to the weather
    cuts and scrapes

4. It is not necessary to boil drinking water that is found in North American streams and rivers.

5. Which of these is NOT a good fire building step?
    gather very fine dead twigs from lower limbs of standing trees
    Use two or more matches, and hold under twigs
    keep your back to the wind while trying to light tinder
    cut down the nearest dead tree to burn

6. Which of these items does NOT make a good signaling device?

7. How many times should you flash, fire, or blast a signal in an outdoor emergency:

8. If you can't see the bottom of of a stream or river, it is probably too deep to wade across.

9. Of the following, which is NOT a method to purify water:
    boil for at least 2 minutes
    treat with purifier
    using a filter
    constructing a water "still"

10. Which of the following is the LEAST effective in obtaining shelter:
finding a natural shelter (rock overhangs, caves)
    finding a shelter easily enlarged (deadfalls, woodpile, or brush pile)
finding a depression in the snow or earth
building a shelter from scratch


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