Safety First

Four Rules of Gun Safety

1. Most important of all safety rules: Keep The Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction
  • Look around and see who or what might be in the line of fire
  • Always carry your gun pointed in a safe direction
  • Unload and secure your gun when crossing an obstacle or difficult terrain

2. Every Gun is Loaded until you check it out yourself!
  • Open the action when you pick up a gun
  • Open the action before passing the gun to another hunter

3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger until you're ready to shoot!
  • Keep all of your fingers behind the trigger guard
  • Get into position and ready before you put yourfinger on the trigger

4. Be Sure of Your Target and what lies beyond it!
  • Avoid hill top shots, or shots with an obscure background.
  • Best backgrounds are hillsides or dirt banks free of big rocks.
  • Identify your animal from tip (nose) to tail before you shoot. Never shoot at a sound or movement.
Other Important Safety Tips:
  • Never shoot at a hard flat surface or water
  • Never drink or take drugs before, or while shooting
  • Always be sure your action and barrel are clear of obstructions
  • Store hunting arms under lock and in a separate location from the ammunition
  • Always unload before crossing a ditch, climbing a fence, entering a stand, or encountering an obstacle


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