1. Safety First Quiz

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1. Of the following safety rules, the one that would prevent virtually every hunting accident is:
   be sure of your target and what lies beyond
   keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
   always point your gun in a safe direction
   assume every gun is loaded

2. Which of the following demonstrates safety while entering a canoe or boat:
   step right off the dock into the rear of the boat
   load your equipment at the rear of the boat and step into the front of the boat
   keep your center of gravity low and move in slowly, transferring to the bottom center of the boat
   none of the above

3. Hunting has more accidental injuries than the following:
   none of the above

4. Hunter education is mandatory for certain age groups in less than half the states:

5. Hunting regulations and hunter education are the two main reasons why hunting is a safe activity.

6. In Texas, hunter education is mandatory for:
   all first time hunters
   anyone born after June 1, 1988
   anyone born on or after September 2, 1971
   anyone under age 12

7. All hunter education certificates are accepted in other states and provinces:

8. When accepting a firearm:
   assume it is loaded until you check it out yourself
   take the firearm with the action closed
   assume your friend had unloaded the firearm
   none of the above

9. When taking a shot:
   do not worry about what lies beyond your target, the bullet will not travel through the game animal or target
   take shots at game when on a hill or ridge, for the bullet will be traveling upward
   be sure of your target and what lies in front of and beyond it
   always shoot at the nearest sound in the brush

10. Which of the following is NOT a firearm safety tip:
   never drink or use drugs before or while shooting
   unload firearms before crossing a ditch, a fence, or entering a stand
   always store your firearms and ammunition together
   never shoot at a hard, flat surface or water

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