Safety First – Requirements

Check the Hunter Education requirements in the state or Canadian province you're hunting. Before hunting, be sure to read the most current hunting regulations of that particular state or province.

Generally Speaking:
  1. States and provinces require the completion of a Hunter Education course
  2. States and provinces have records of Hunter Education graduates
  3. All Hunter Education certifications are accepted in all other states and provinces

Contact your local wildlife office for more details.

Alabama: Born on or after 8/1/77
Alaska: Voluntary, Bowhunter required
Arizona: 10-14 years, hunting big game
Arkansas: Born on or after 12/31/68
California: First time license
Colorado: Born on or after 1/1/49
Connecticut: First time license, Bowhunter required
Delaware: Born after 1/1/67
Florida: Born after 6/1/75 hunting on public lands
Georgia: Born on or after 1/1/61
Hawaii: First license or born after 12/31/71
Idaho: Born after 1/1/75, Bowhunter required
Illinois: Born after 1/1/80
Indiana: Born after 12/31/86
Iowa: Born after 1/1/67
Kansas: Born after 7/1/57, Bowhunter required
Kentucky: Born after 1/1/75, Bowhunter required
Louisiana: Born on or after 9/1/69, Bowhunter required
Maine: Born after 1/1/76, Bowhunter required
Maryland: All except those hunting prior to 7/1/77
Massachusetts: 15-17 years of age, Bowhunter required
Michigan: Born after 1/1/60
Minnesota: Born after 12/31/79
Mississippi: Born on or after 1/1/72
Missouri: Born on or after 1/1/67
Montana: 12-17 years of age, Bowhunter required
Nebraska: Born after 1/1/77, Bowhunter required
Nevada: Born on or after 1/1/60
New Hampshire: 14 years and older
New Jersey: 10 years and older, Bowhunter required
New Mexico: Under 18 years
New York: First time license, Bowhunter required
North Carolina: First time license
North Dakota: Born after 12/31/61
Ohio: First time license
Oklahoma: Born on or after 1/1/72
Oregon: 18 years and under
Pennsylvania: Hunter Education or prior license
Rhode Island: First time license, Bowhunter required
South Carolina: Born on or after 6/30/79
South Dakota: Under 16 years, Bowhunter required
Tennessee: Born on or after 1/1/69
Texas: Born on or after September 2,1971, and at least 9 years old
Utah: Born after 12/31/65
Vermont: First time license born after 1/1/75
Virginia: First time licenses and 12-15 years
Washington: Born after 1/1/72, Bowhunter required
West Virginia: Born after 1/1/75
Wisconsin: Born on or after 1/1/73
Wyoming: Born on or after 1/1/66

Alberta: First time license and 12-13 years
British Columbia: 10 years and older
Manitoba: First time license over 12
New Brunswick: All license buyers
Newfoundland: All big game hunters
N.W. Territories: Voluntary
Nova Scotia: All new hunters, Bowhunter required
Ontario: First time resident license
Prince Edward Island: First time hunters
Quebec: All hunters, 12-17 yrs. with license holder 18 or over, Bowhunter required
Suskatchewan: First time license
Yukon Territory: Voluntary


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