8. Texas Regulations - Quiz

IMPORTANT: Please print this page and fill out using information in the Outdoor Annual: Hunting and Fishing Regulations (available wherever hunting licenses are sold). You may also refer to the online version.

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1. How much does a Resident "Super Combo" License Package cost?

2. When and how must a tag or permit be handled after legally taking deer, turkey or antelope?



3. A properly filled out tag from your hunting license includes:

________________________ ____________________________________________(cut out only)

________________________ ____________________________________________(when applicable)

4. A deer or antelope may not be cut into smaller portions than a quartered carcass, which is defined as:

two (2)______________________ two (2)___________________ and

two (2)______________________

What may be discarded?___________________________________________________________________

5. Crossbows are legal for any hunter during special archery only season and general season.

True___ False___

Crossbows or archery equipment may not be used during the: ________________________________________

6. What license(s) and stamp(s) must a Texas migratory game bird hunter, age 16 or older have?


7. Where is hunter orange required in Texas? Check all that apply:

___Private Land

___State Public Hunting Lands

8. Legal shooting hours for all Texas "game animals" and "game birds and non-migratory game birds" is:

from _______________________ to ________________________

9. What is the deer season and limit for Live Oak County?

10. The following turkeys may be shot in the spring season?


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