Safeguarding Our Heritage

A Video Guide to Responsible Hunting

*Requires Real Player (You can download a free version at

Introduction to Responsible Hunting (.rm)
What is Responsible Hunting? (.rm)
Safeguarding the Hunting Heritage (.rm)
Hunting Big Game (.rm)
Muzzleloading (.rm)
Safe Handling (.rm)
Firearm Carries (.rm)
Identifying Good Shots & Wearing Blaze Orange (.rm)
Hunting Stands & Bowhunting (.rm)
Hypothermia (.rm)
Field Care (.rm)
Upland Game (.rm)
Zones of Fire (.rm)
Landowner Relations (.rm)
Waterfowl Hunting (.rm)
Bird Identification (.rm)
Taking Safe Shots & Proper Field Handling (.rm)
Boating Safety (.rm)
When Tragedy Struck (.rm)
Future Hunters (.rm)
Credits (.rm)

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