Understanding Wildlife

Natural Limiting Factors Affecting Habitat

that are positive (+) or negative (-)

Extreme Cold

Younger or weaker animals die
(-) There may be fewer animals born
(-) Takes more energy just to survive


Animals could get burned
(-) Food & cover burned
(-) Water source may evaporate
(+) Regrowth of nutritional vegetation
(+) Encourages grass cover
(+) Cleans out debris

Heavy Snow

(-) Movement is difficult, requires more energy
(-) Food is difficult, often impossible, to find
(-) Thermal cover is difficult to reach & often ineffective
(+) Insullates plants & animals from extreme cold


(-) Vegetation withers,
food disappears
(-) Water sources dry up
(-) Cover thins


(-) Habitat & wildlife washed
away or inundated.
(-) Vegetation drowns
(+) Disperse seeds & soil


(-) Crowding and trampling
of vegetation
(-) Disease spreads easily
(-) Vegetation is stripped


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