Bison Food Worksheet

Grass: Buffalo Grass

Forb: Sunflower

Bison eat 1.6 % of their body mass a day. That equals about 24 pounds a day for a 1,500 pound bison. In the wild, bison eat grass, forbs, and browse. They do not eat the same amount of everything. Fill in the charts to indicate the differing amounts of foods bison eat.

Pie Chart

Percentage of Plant Types

93 % Grass- Color Green
5 % Forbs- Color Red
2 % Browse- Color Blue

Percentage of Plant Types

pie chart template for students to complete

Bar Graph

Pounds of Dry Vegetation

23.0 Pounds of Grass
1.2 Pounds of Forbes
0.5 pounds of Browse

bar graph template for students to complete
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