Bison Calculations

The Texas State Bison Herd resides in Caprock Canyons State Park.  In the wild, bison eat large amounts of plants - averaging 24 pounds of plant material a day.  At Caprock, the Herd must rely on people to help feed them.  They are fed a cubed feed, hay, and a "block" with salt and essential minerals.  The bison also eat grass, forbs (weeds), and browse (woody)

Your assignment:  Help the Herd Manager calculate the food and water necessary for the bison herd.  Your herd consists of 34 bison.

1.  How many round bales are needed for this month?  ________ 

2.  How many pounds of cubes does one bison eat in two weeks?  ________

3.  How much water does the entire herd drink in one day?  ________

4.  How many gallons of water does one bison need for a week?  ________

5.  How many pounds of cubes will be needed to feed the herd for one week? _____

6.  One  water trough holds about 80 gallons of water. If it fills up only once, how many bison can drink out of the trough in one day? 

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