Bison Sites of Texas

Learn to use a Texas state map by locating bison-related sites .


1.  The students will be able to locate bison-related sites on a map.
2.  The students will be able to identify important bison-related sites.


   Bison have had a profound effect on the history of Texas.  There are numerous sites within the state of Texas that are bison related.  Some of the sites are preserves that provide a safe place for the bison to live.  Other sites are important to the historical and natural history background of the bison.  Some sites may relate to Native Americans that utilized the bison or to the hide hunters who hunted them. 


1.  Pencil or pen
2.  A Texas state map for every four students.


1.  Explain to students how to use the grid to locate sites on the state map.  Use a simple diagram on the chalkboard to show how to find coordinates. 
2.  Put the students in groups of four to do the map activity.  Give each group one map and have the students take turns being the locating sites, marking the map, and verifying the locations.
3.  As an extension, have students write a letter to some of the sites to ask for more information about bison history in the area.

A bronze sculpture of Bison antiquus located at Lubbock Lake Landmark


1.  Were the students able to locate the sites within the state of Texas?


Trading Post-  An establishment  (much like a general store) distanced from towns.  Supplies were provided to the hunters and their hides were bought.

Hunting Camps- Most often located away from the trading post and hide towns.  The hunters built temporary housing that resembled tipi structures. 

Hide Town-  These towns were located where there was direct access to the railroads.  Within the town, commercial businesses engaged in bison related trade.

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