At Home in the Marsh

Complete this marsh scene by drawing in the animals pictured below. Then, identify the plants in the drawing by writing the correct name by each.

drawing of marsh environment

Red-winged blackbirdRed-winged blackbirds nest in cattails and bulrushes. The males have bright red shoulder patches.

muskratMuskrats grow to be about 20" long. They build lodges out of cattails.

dragonflyDragonflies patrol wetlands in search of smaller insects like flies and midges.

cattailsCattails are eaten by muskrats and provide nesting sites for many marsh birds.

avocetAvocets sweep their long bills through shallow water to capture insects and other tiny animals.

tealCinnamon teal are common ducks in the marsh. They are named for their reddish-brown color.

frogLeopard frogs feed on many insects found in the marsh.

pondweedPondweed seeds can survive long periods of drought.

midge larvaeTiny midge larvae live underwater feeding on dead plants. Many animals eat midge larvae.

Water boatmanWater boatman can fly and swim. These aquatic insects eat algae.

duckweedDuckweed is a tiny floating plant eaten by ducks.

garter snakeGarter Snakes move easily on land or in water. They eat tadpoles, frogs and small fish.

bulrushesBulrushes are plants that grow in water. Their seeds are food for ducks and other marsh birds.

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