Texas Animals - Migratory Birds

Name That Bird

There are many different names for migratory birds because they live in many different places. Some migratory birds have Spanish names, Let's see if you can match the Spanish name for the birds with the English name. Look for clues in the dictionary below. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

English Spanish
1) Broad-tailed Hummingbird a) Falco Perigrino
2) Western Tanager b) Tordo Cabeciamarillo
3) Ruby-crowned Kinglet c) Colibri Cola Ancha
4) Gray Flycatcher d) Tangara Cabeciroja
5) Blue Grosbeak e) Papamoscas Gris
6) Yellow-headed Blackbird f) Piquigrueso Azul
7) Peregrine Falcon g) Reyezualo de Rojo


beak = pico hummingbird = colibri
black = negro king = reye
blue = azul purple = morado
broad = ancha red = rojo or roja
flycatcher = papamoscas tail = cola
gray = gris tanager = tangara
green = verde throat = garganta
head = cabeza yellow = amarillo

Answer Key

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