Tyrannosaurus Rex Puppet

K - 2 Activity - Teacher Directions


How would you like ocean-front property in West Texas? Fossil evidence and the limestone bedrock in much of Texas tells us that in prehistoric times an ocean covered Texas. There have been many dinosaur finds Texas, including the fossilized dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy River bed at Dinosaur Valley State Park. The fossil remains of 17 different dinosaurs have been found in Texas, including the “King of the Dinosaurs,” Tyrannosaurus Rex!



  1. Have students color the T. Rex templates with crayons or markers.
  2. Cut out template parts, head and body.
  3. Glue the head to the bottom of the closed, folded brown paper bag. Glue only onto the flap that folds over. The bottom mouth section of the head should extend past the flap hanging freely, no glue.
  4. Glue the body part under the flap and down onto the main part of the bag.
  5. When children place their hand into the bag and place fingers in the flap, they can manipulate the head/mouth section and animate the puppet to look like it is speaking or roaring.

Additional Activities:

Have students create a “Dinosaur Drama” with their puppets! What would Texas have been like long, long ago when the dinosaurs roamed?

Have fun with the Learn About Texas Dinosaurs Activity Book media download(PDF 4 MB).

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