Make a Woodpecker

K - 2 Activity - Teacher Directions


Several species of woodpeckers live in Texas. The Pileated woodpecker is one of Texas's largest woodpeckers, and it lives in the pine forests of East Texas. The bill, head and neck of the woodpecker are very strong to withstand the hammering these birds do to find food and make their nests. They peck holes into old pine trees, telephone poles, or posts to make nests. Woodpeckers live in family groups. They eat insects, nuts, fruits, and berries.



  1. Have students color the head, wings, and feet the following colors:

  2. Head - white
    Head top tuft - red
    Eye - orange
    Feet - gray
    Bill - black

    Stripes near eye - black
    Oval near bill - red
    Stripe near oval - black
    Wings - Black with white markings
    Tail feathers - black or dark gray

  3. Cut out the pieces.
  4. Glue the large rectangular piece around the toilet paper roll.
  5. Glue the tail feathers to the inside bottom back of the roll and then fold upwards.
  6. Glue the head to the front of the toilet paper roll.
  7. Glue the wings to the side of the toilet paper roll.
  8. Glue the feet to the inside bottom front of the toilet paper roll and fold upwards.

Additional Activities:

Create a pine tree branch and tree trunk from paper and tack to bulletin board or wall. Have students help you! Tape or staple student-made woodpeckers to the tree branch. Have students color in a woodpecker hole in the trunk part of the tree.

Activity developed for TPWD by Vicki Almour.

For More Information:

Learn more about Texas woodpeckers.

Read about Woodpeckers in Learn About Texas Birds Activity Book media download(PDF 4.3 MB)

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