Texas Horned Lizard Art
K - 2 Activity - Teacher Directions

torn paper Spike, the horned lizard


Texas Horned lizard

Texas Horned Lizard


Students create a horned lizard picture using torn paper.


The Texas horned lizard is a reptile that likes to bask in the sun during morning hours but seeks the shade in the hot hours of the afternoon. It is a fierce looking creature that is covered with horns or spikes, including two prominent spikes on its head. It is brownish in color. An interesting defense this reptile has is to puff out its body, hiss, and squirt blood from its eyes to scare away predators. It is the only species of horned lizard to have dark brown stripes that radiate downward from the eyes and across the top of the head. Read more facts about the Texas Horned Lizard and about the Texas Horned Lizard Watch and Essay Contest.


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