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Nature's Nursery!

Baby animals are cute, and some of their names may surprise you! If you don't have a copy of the magazine, you may print a copy of Nature's Nursery (pdf).

Who's a Baby?

People see a baby anything and usually say, "How cute!" How can we tell something is a baby and what make moms get all blubbery anyway? Put on your eagle eyes and see if you can figure it out!

  1. Compare these armadillo and bald eagle pictures with the pictures in the magazine. Is it easy to tell which is the adult and which is its young? How many differences can you name?

    Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

  3. What's the same about this doe (female deer) and her fawn? What's different?
  4. Compare size, color and proportion (size and place of body parts). To help you with proportion, try printing the picture on graph paper or look at it with a grid over it. How many squares cover the fawn's face? How many squares cover the mother's face? How about their ears? Their legs? Where are the eyes in relation to the rest of the face? How big are the legs in comparison to the body?

  5. Now look at this artist's drawing.
  6. Was he drawing an adult or a baby fox? How can you tell?

Keeping It Wild!


Are you a math whiz?

How did you do on the WILD Math in the magazine?

Now try multiplying armadillos!

Fun online video: PBS Nature - Is That Skunk? see Part 2 for skunk babies!

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