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Sleep All Day, Stay Out All Night. No Wonder Kids Love Bats!

About Bats

Read Keep Texas Wild's Hanging Around with Bats. Can you tell the difference between a myth and the truth about bats?

"Francisca Free-tail, Frankie for short, squeezed her way through hundreds of thousands of winged hands and clawed feet feeling her way along the wall of the cave. Calling out her own special call, she listened for her mother's answer. She sniffed the air hoping to detect the sweet aroma of her mother's milk, but smelled only the musky odor of her fellow pups." So begins the story of Frankie, the Free-tailed Bat. Download this book and discover the world of bats through Frankie's eyes! English media download(PDF 1.6 MB) and Spanish media download(PDF 1.8 MB)


How Bats Fly

Go Batty!

Keeping It Wild

Bat Habitat Hunt
Now that you know what kinds of things bats need in their homes, go outside and find three places where bats could roost near your home or school. What is good about those habitats? What is bad about them? Many species of bats are now rare because humans have destroyed their habitat. How can people help bats?
Build a Bat House!
You'll need help from an adult:

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