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Building the West: Buffalo Soldiers
Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, February 2010

You may print Building the West: Buffalo Soldiers children's pages from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. We hope you'll consider a subscription to our magazine. Be sure to check out the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine special offer for teachers. And please let us know your suggestions for future issues at:

Suggested Topics: regions of Texas, geography, settlement, history, plants and animals, diversity, adaptation, conservation

Related 4th Grade TEKS:

Language Arts
4.13 B, C, F: Reading, Inquiry, Research : Inquires and Conducts Research Using a Variety of Sources
4.15 B: Writing/purposes. Writes for a Variety of Audiences and Purposes
Social studies:
4.4 History: Social changes in Texas during the last half of the 19th century
4.7 B, C: Geography: Regions: human activity, landforms, climate, vegetation from physical characteristics
4.9 C: Geography: Humans Adapt to and Modify their Environment
4.20 C: Culture: summarize the contributions of people of various racial, ethnic, and religious groups in the development of Texas.
4.22 C: Social Studies Skills: organize and interpret information in outlines, reports, databases, and visuals including graphs, charts, timelines, and maps
4.22 D: Social Studies Skills: Identify different points of view about an issue or topic
4.22 E: Social Studies Skills: Identify the elements of frame of reference that influenced the participants in an event
4.23 D: Social Studies Skills: Communicates in written oral and visual forms
4.24 A: Social Studies Skills: Problem Solving and Decision Making
4.4 D: Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. Multiplication and Division
4.11 A: Measurement. Length, capacity/volume and weight/mass.

Discussion Questions


Note: The images of the Buffalo Soldiers in the magazine are that of re-enactors and living history experts.

Several activities are suggested on the Student Research Page.

Consider these topics: Mapping; Settlement of Texas; Civil War and Race Relations; Survival Skills

See a Buffalo Soldier presentation or Historical Site event.


Courage and Commitment webcast

Learning about the Buffalo Soldiers and a trip to Fort McKavett

Listen and Learn:
Who were the Buffalo Soldiers? Why was it started?
What contribution did the Buffalo Soldiers make to Texas?
Were there any famous Buffalo Soldiers?
How did their lives change in the Buffalo Soldiers?

To Discuss:
How did learning about the Buffalo Soldiers change people's lives?
Were the Buffalo Soldiers in your area of Texas?
What was the impact of the Buffalo Soldiers in Texas?
What was the relationship of the Buffalo Soldiers with other groups such as Vacqueros?
Why did the Buffalo Soldiers end?
How would you compare the Buffalo Soldiers to the National Guard? The Civilian Conservation Corps? AmeriCorps?
Are there other untold stories in history books?

History of the Buffalo Soldiers A teen interviews Dr. (General) King, Houston-Tillotson College, Buffalo
Soldier descendant, about the history of the Buffalo Soldiers

Meeting a Buffalo Soldier

Project WILD activity suggestion

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