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Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, January 2009

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Suggested Topics: survival, systems, habitat, adapting to an environment, human impacts, persuasive writing and communication.

Related 4th Grade TEKS: Science Concepts: Past Events Affect Present and Future Events 4.10 B. Parts Removed from Complex Systems 4.5 A, B. Adaptations increase survival 4.8 A, B, C. Geography: Humans Adapt to and Modify their Environment 4.9 A, B, C. Math: Number, Operation and Quantitative Reasoning, 4.3. Language Arts: Speaks Clearly and Appropriately to Different Audiences, 4.5. Writes for Variety of Audiences and Purposes, 4.15. Inquires and Conducts Research Using a Variety of Sources, 4.13. Uses Writing as a Tool for Learning and Research, 4.21.

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