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Please enjoy archives of our award-winning webcasts! These were taped live and most were on location. Each webcast was carefully researched and designed to introduce you to new topics and fascinating places. We feature leading experts and local students. Many included fun, topical game shows. See the accompanying web pages for pictures, background information and links to the best resources around.

The archives are fun to watch, and a great resource for student research. Enjoy the archives and plan on joining us in a future live webcast! [Thank you for your patience as we complete the redesign and replace our archives.]

"Courage and Commitment: Choosing to Make a Difference": See rare interviews with original Civilian Conservation Corps members as we learn how they helped build Texas state parks -- and as they pass along their knowledge and skills to the modern day workers in service to America, AmeriCorps!
filmed live 9/17/05

"Huff Wagon Train": Follow the adventures of California and Texas sixth - eighth graders in covered wagons as they retrace the route of an 1849 Gold Rush hopeful. With the real diaries in hand, they took on the task of authenticating a diary that came under scrunity. Was it real or an elaborate story? Read and find out!
daily journals 1/3/05 through 1/27/05

"Making the Connection" Communications and science join forces as we explore how the importance of water and water issues are expressed in print, video and exhibits. Award-winning author, videographer, marketing, communications and interpretation professionals share expert tips for their crafts. Students from six schools districts around the state try their hands at creative expressions of water issues in their communities. Try your hand at the water trivia quizzes!
originally broadcast 4/16/04

"From Sea to Shining Sea" – hosts Sea Center Texas in Lake Jackson, Texas join the staff of the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to explore these two fascinating coastal and ocean worlds. Discover the species and habitats of these seemingly opposite worlds, the challenges each face and what scientists and kids are doing to help.
orgininally broadcast 11/14/03

"Texas Caves: Deep in the Karst of Texas" takes us deep within Longhorn Carverns where we learn about the underground mysteries of caves. Meet some of the folks that study the geology and life present in these hidden worlds.
originally broadcast 1/31/03

"Life on the Edge" features Palo Duro Canyon State Park and the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. Explore the geology, ecology and past and present culture of this unique region of Texas. Relive the conflict of the Red River War with living history actors!
originally broadcast 11/15/2002

"Take Me to the River": We take you to the Colorado and San Marcos Rivers where we experience life in and along these important Texas waterways. Hear about the journey of Marble Falls resident, Jason Jamar, who paddled his way home from the east coast in a kayak he made himself!
originally broadcast 5/3/2002

"Desert Survival": Travel to Big Bend Ranch for a look at a real desert survival workshop. We also examine the challenges people, plants and animals have in the desert, and take a look at the incredible geology in the area.
originally broadcast 3/1/2002
"The Story of Texas" with the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum: We explore the Stories of Texas through the new, state history museum! Students meet characters from the past and discover some of the history and culture of Texas.
originally broadcast 11/2/2001
"Water, Wildlife & You": Travel under the Gulf of Mexico with a diver, live! Filmed on location far out into the Gulf and at on land at University of Houston. See what our diver sees, meet experts on coastal issues and students competing in our light-hearted "Who Wants to be a Survivor" Studio Game Show.
originally broadcast 5/2/2001
Turkey Season 2001: Let's talk turkey! Learn the best tips for spotting and hunting these fabulous birds, from biologists, photographers, educators and representatives from the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Texas Wildlife Association. We discussed the upcoming Spring Turkey hunting forecast with biologists.
originally broadcast 3/21/2001
Texas Wild!: We get a sneak peak at the Fort Worth Zoo's new exhibit featuring native Texas animals. Learn how the zoo feeds, houses and cares for it's new residents.
originally broadcast 5/2/2001
Texas Roots: A look at recent discoveries from early African Americans in Texas; Hispanics Roots of Texas web pages; video clips; lesson activities, live chatroom archives
originally broadcast 2/12-16/2001
TPWD Career Day: Ever wondered what it would be like to work at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department? This webcast covers careers from A (architects) to Z (zoologists). We talked with TPW staff; see us in action: Biologists, park rangers, game wardens, high tech...
originally broadcast 11/3/2000
Deer Season 2000: We talked with Game Wardens and biologists about the upcoming deer season. Also featured Public Hunting information and gear for the hunt.
originally broadcast 10/24/2000
"Rivers to the Ocean": Join TPWD and our partners, The Gulf of Mexico Foundation and Cyberways and Waterways as we follow two Texas rivers to the Gulf of Mexico for a live dive 100 miles offshore. Students were able to ask the diver, a scientist, questions while he was underwater!
originally broadcast 5/3/2000
Wild in the City: Wait till you see what's living in the cities of Texas! Join our biologists in the urban centers of Texas as we discover the critters in and around our neighborhoods.
originally broadcast 4/5/2000
Lone Star Dinosaurs: Join Sherlock Bones as he tries to recreate the scene of the crime at Dinosaur Valley State Park.
originally broadcast 2/16/2000
Goliad's 250th Birthday Bash!: The Spirit of Texas returns to celebrate 250 years of history and traditions in Goliad and Victoria.
originally broadcast 11/3/1999
Mysteries of the Lower Pecos: Read what the archeologists who are trying to save precious, ancient rock art have to say about what they do and how they do it. What can we learn about the people who lived there years ago? How will we save the rock art?
originally broadcast 10/11-15/1999
Spaceship Earth: The Water Planet: NASA and Texas state agencies team up to compare water systems on earth and in space. How important is it to keep your water clean and usable on the space station? How different is earth from a space station? You'll see scientists and astronauts, the space station mock up and more. Recorded live from the Johnson Space Center!
originally broadcast 5/1999
Treasures of the Gulf Coast: From sharks to spartina, follow Scuba Guy and his high school friends as they discover species on the coast.
originally broadcast 4/1999
Travel the Texas Time Machine: Discover the story behind some abandoned artifacts as the Custodian of Time plunges our students through time to interview naturalists through the ages.
originally broadcast 3/1999
Challenge at Caprock: Learn how TPWD and this panhandle community are preserving the Southern Plains Bison, and a way of life.
originally broadcast 2/17/1999
The Expo Chronicles: Texas Wildlife Expo will lead you to new adventures in this how-to series.
originally broadcast 10/1998
Brazos Bend State Park: Take this electronic field trip to a Houston area park and discover life in a wetland -- and watch out for those gators!
originally broadcast 4/6/1998

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