Brazos Bend State Park

Fishing from the pier

Welcome to Brazos Bend State Park! Not far from downtown Houston lies Brazos Bend State Park, a scenic haven for birdwatchers, wildlife observers and even stargazers. More than 270 species of birds have been sighted here, and the prehistoric-looking American alligator is the park's most noteworthy resident. Hiking and biking trails meander through the park's varied terrains, and several lakes offer excellent fishing.

Follow along our electronic field trip by clicking on the topics. To see the videos, click on the Real Player links on the topic pages. Pictures on some of the topic pages highlight some of the speakers' main points.

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Meet Our Speakers

Donna Garde

Currently working as a Park Ranger II at Brazos Bend State Park. She enjoys hiking, bicycling, bird watching, camping, backpacking, rock hunting, swimming, sailing, sewing, woodworking and making pottery.

Shannon Garde

Currently in the 6th grade at Navarro Middle School in Richmond, TX. She enjoys bicycling, camping, hiking, swimming, running, painting, writing, listening to music, and being with her friends.

David Heinicke

Currently working as the park naturalist at Brazos Bend State Park. He is responsible for education and interpretation at the park as well as coordinating volunteer activities. He has worked at Brazos Bend for 2 years, before that he was a volunteer at the park for 4 years. He enjoys bird watching, hiking, and backpacking, canoeing and just about anything outdoors.

Dennis Jones

Currently working as Assistant Superintendent Park Manager responsible for the care and maintenance of the park grounds, recreation facilities and natural resources. He leads resource management projects in prairie and wetland restoration, conservation and restoration. He has been assisting with alligator research for the past 5-6 years. He has been with Brazos Bend State Park for 12 years. Dennis enjoys reading in his spare time as well as restoring his vintage automobile (named Desdemona), birding, prairie gazing and wildlife specimen collection and preparation for study.

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