All About Alligators

Dennis Jones and Shannon

All About Alligators, Part 1 (Real Media)

All About Alligators, Part 2 (Real Media)

America's largest reptile

How to estimate an alligator's length: one inch = one foot

How big is this alligator?

Cold-blooded: Alligators depend on their environment to regulate their temperature.

Alligator mouth showing many large teeth

Female alligators lay 20 to 60 eggs.

Newly hatched babies are 6 to 9 inches long.

Scientists sometimes count eggs in a nest.

Mother alligators defend their nests.

An alligator pod or creche

Big alligator, big prey – a deer

Smaller alligator, smaller prey – a fawn

Alligators sometimes even eat other alligators.

A woodpile winter den to keep warm

Keeping warm or cool under water

These kids are too close to the alligator.

Being an alligator isn't always easy!

This female became blind and couldn't find food.

This alligator had been shot, but lived.

This alligator got stuck in a pier.

This alligator got caught by a fish hook.

Alligator wrestling?

An alligator? No, it's a …


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