A Future for the Past: Saving the Bison Herd, Part 2

Danny A. Swepston

Saving the Bison Herd, Part 2 (Real Media)

Sighting bison

Darting bison

Bison on range

Rolling bison upright

Bison calf

Moving bison to a crate

Bison entering crate

Administering the antidote

Branding the Bisons

Bison head

Preparing for transport

Transporting bison to Caprock Canyons State Park

Building a new home

Release at Caprock Canyons State Park

Aerial view of Caprock Canyons State Park facility

View of facility pens

View of facility shelter

Bison herd at new home

Cow with bull

First calf

Free ranging bison

Long shot view of bison on range

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