Kids' Projects at Smith Elementary School

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Smith Elementary School in Austin helped replant a prairie next to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's headquarters.
Now the school is using Settler's Prairie as an outdoor classroom to learn more about life in and on the prairie.

Inside the tipi, students see Native American artifacts. Here, one of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's interpreters demonstrates a flute.

Learning how paint was made by mixing plant pigment with animal fat.

Learning how to shoot a bow was essential. Here, kids get to try the bow.

All parts of the animals were used.

The prairie was as dependent on the bison as the bison were on the prairie. And people were dependent on the prairie as well, using it as their source for almost everything, from food to toys to toothbrushes! Plants, animals and people are all important pieces in the ecosystem.

What can we learn from the story of the bison?
How can you help sustain a healthy ecosystem where you live?

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