Welcome from Valley School

Texas State Bison Herd at Caprock Canyons – An Unfinished Journey

Valley School, between Turkey and Quitaque, Texas; Nancy Herron, Education Services; Karen Loke, Today's Host

Welcome (Real Media)

Bison herd drinking from river

Meet Our Speakers

Geoff Hulse, Caprock Canyons Park Superintendent

Vicki Sybert, Wildlife Regional Interpreter

Billy Turpin, leader of the Plains Indians Intertribal Council

Teresa Parker, Quanah Parker's Granddaughter

Wyman Meinzer, Texas State Photographer

Danny A. Swepston, Wildlife District Leader – Panhandle District

Wes Henson, 9th grade student – Valley School

Hannah Boedeker, 9th grade student – Valley School

Cliff Yeary, 7th grade student – Valley School

Karen Loke, electronic field trip host

Nancy Herron, Education Services Coordinator

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