Margaret Howard; interviewer: Linda

Archaeologist (Real Media)

Archaeologists at TPWD research the remains of human activity and invention on TPWD lands.

Archaeologists study objects, and rocks, looking for evidence of human interaction or clues to the environment or major events such as earthquakes or floods surrounding a human settlement. These clues help build the story of a site, a settlement, or even the culture of an entire people.

A recent flood washed all this rock to the embankment of a river. This archealogist is showing where the land level was just two years ago. These kinds of natural disasters often cover, or uncover, evidence of human activity, and are of great interest to archaeologists.

Archaeologists must carefully document sites, such as this rock art, to piece together clues that solve the mysteries of the past. Attention to detail and patience are a must for every archaeologist.

These archaeologists are heading up to a cave that was inhabitated hundreds of years ago. What is the meaning of the rock art found there? Was it religious? To help a hunt? Directions or notes to another? Merely decoration? Through careful documentation, examination of similar sites, and collaboration with other researchers, archaeologists attempt to answer these questions.

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