Coastal Biologist

Janet Nelson; interviewer: Timika

Coastal Biologist (Real Media)

The Coastal Consevation branch monitors the health of our coastal ecosystems. Research and community education go hand in hand to preserve these habitats. Staff conducts field work as well as creative outreach projects.

Seagrasses are a key and vulnerable species being researched by TPWD biologists.

Mapping and data collection help scientists analyze the health of the biotic community, and create data that can be studied over time to watch for trends. This information is vital for conservation (wise use) planning of coastal areas.

More data mapping

The Coastal Expos, part of this group's outreach efforts, are a favorite activity for both staff and the public. Staff sets up hands-on exhibits to help teach about coastal ecology.

Teaching students about ecology

Teaching students about ecology

Students learning about ecology

Coastal Expo

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