Education and Outreach

Tim Spice; interviewer: Elizabeth

Education and Outreach (Real Media)

Education and Outreach programs at TPWD are recognized nationally as being some of the most innovative and popular programs anywhere. For a career in education, you must have skill and knowledge in the subject matter as well as sound teaching and communication skills. Few jobs offer such a wonderful blend of hobbies and careers.

Careers in education and outreach include program or project managers for statewide efforts; education and interpretation specialists at sites such as our parks, historic sites, wildlife areas and education sites; and regional specialists in wildlife or parks. Two of our newest additions to the field is education technology and outreach specialists. Education technology brings you web pages, cd-roms and this webcast. Outreach specialists coordinate community events.

Boater education

Educational displays at Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) and Sea Center Texas

Mobile sporting clays stands travel around the state.

Nature education, such as aquatic education programs and camps

Junior and Master Angler programs

Fishing clinics

Native American programs

Buffalo Soldiers program

Reenactments at Fort Richardson State Park

Producing an educational webcast

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