Exhibits and Artists

Walter Reinhardt; interviewer: Johnny

Exhibits and Artists (Real Media)

Graphic art and Exhibit design and construction are functions in both Communications and State Parks divisions. The Graphic Arts section designs art for posters, books, brochures, etc. for general, statewide distribution. They work primarily for print, and some electronic publication. The Exhibits Shop artists design panels and exhibits for display at state parks and historic sites. As you can see, they include designers, painters, sculpters, and woodworkers.

Walter Reinhardt, Exhibit Planner and Designer, works coordinating the artisans in the Exhibit Shop. Traveling around the state helping park staff interpret and protect the natural resources of their sites is one of the most rewarding parts of his job.

Florence Wong and Walter Reinhardt check an exhibit panel for Caprock Canyon State Park for errors before sending it to the park for installation. We try and catch errors before this point but you never know!

Florence Wong, Graphic Designer, poses with wayside panels for Caprock Canyon State Park. Flo enjoys working in the large scale required for exhibitions and putting her illustration skills to work creating the drawings, maps and diagrams needed for the projects.

Nola Davis, Graphic Designer and Painter, works on a mural for Indian Lodge State Park. Nola has had her paintings featured on the TV series Nova and in numerous magazine publications and museum exhibitions.

Sculptor Mike O'Brien works on a clay model of an Alligator Snapping Turtle. A bronze of the turtle will be installed at the Tony Houseman State Park and Wildlife Management ARea and the Caddo Lake State Park. Mike recently completed a full scale bronze sculpture of a mammoth and her baby for the Lubbock Lake Landmark State Park.

Pete Cano uses his skills as a Cabinet Maker as he prepares wooden frame stock for the Lyndon Baines Johnson State Park.

Rudy Garcia, our jack of all trades, works on an interactive game for the Education Department. He is in charge of all the signage for Wildlife Expo and even creates an exhibit panel or two when needed.

Rob Fleming is one of several Graphic Artists at TPW. His art is seen on TPW posters, book covers and many special efforts for the department. Our artists work in oils, pen and ink, and computer graphics. The graphics department wins many awards for its skilled creative talent and design.

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