Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does it take to be a Game Warden?

Answer: Must be at least 21 years of age and physically able to perform the duties of a game warden. Must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in Natural Resource Management, Environmental Science, Fish and/or Wildlife Management, Parks and Recreation, Criminal Justice or other equivalent degree program. Must be able to pass a background check.

Question: Where do I apply for TPWD jobs?

Answer: You may apply for TPWD jobs at the Austin Headquarters location or any TPWD office, facility, state park and on-line.

Question: What courses do I need to take to get a job with TPWD?

Answer: Course requirements are dependent upon the type of job you would like to pursue with TPWD.

Question: Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Answer: Yes, these volunteer positions are mainly within our State Parks division, such as a Park Host. Other volunteer positions may also fall within other divisions as well.

Question: How do I apply for an internship with TPWD?

Answer: Internship Applications are available and accepted year around with a deadline date of the end of February for the following summer and can be obtained through Austin Headquarters, Human Resources.

Question: Can the application be postmarked?

Answer: No. Applications must be received for posted positions by the closing dates posted on the job posting.

Question: What Universities offer degrees/course work related to positions at TPWD?

Answer: Colleges and universities offering degrees/course work for positions at TPWD in fields that relate to positions such as, Fish/Wildlife Biologist, Game Wardens, are, for example: Texas A&M, Southwest Texas, University of Texas, Sul Ross University, Tarleton State University, Stephen F. Austin. This list is not all inclusive, as there are a variety of majors that may be required for positions other than those in the Natural/Cultural Resources field areas.

Question: How do I reach TPWD to information about jobs?

Answer: You may contact Human Resources at 512-389-4941 or our 24-hour jobline at 512-389-4903 or 4954 and through the TPWD website at or any TPWD field office location.

Question: How do I prepare myself while I'm in school to gain experience to become competitive for TPWD jobs?

Answer: The TPWD Summer Internship program, summer seasonal positions and volunteer work programs.

Question: Do you have internships besides summer internship?

Answer: Yes, possibly, some of these positions may be non-paid positions and the interns in these positions are working toward fulfilling internship credit toward their degree/major requirements. Interns requesting this type of position would complete the standard Internship Application and submit to Human Resources. There may also be some paid internship positions where a division may be looking for an intern with specific coursework. In this case, we would either review current internship applications on hand or recruit with a college or university.

Question: How old do I have to be to work at TPWD?

Answer: A minimum of 17 years of age, with exception of the Game Warden positions (21 years is minimum). There may be some clerical or administrative positions where we may hire under 17 years of age, these individuals would be hired on a case by case basis.

Question: Do you hire for part-time or seasonal jobs?

Answer: Yes, part-time positions may be posted with our weekly job posting. Seasonal positions (duration of 4 months or more) are advertised during our peak season on our weekly job posting; however, position in duration of less than 4 months are filled basically through local recruitment or work of mouth.

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