Rare Species Outreach

Ann Miller; interviewer: Timika

Rare Species (Real Media)

Wildlife Diversity is one of the newest branches of the Wildlife Division. Biologists and outreach specialists work with over 1200 nongame plant and wildlife species throughout Texas. Nongame species (species not managed for hunting) include birds and butterflies, bears and mountain lions, as well as rare and endangered species. Some of Wildlife Diversity's innovative and award-winning programs, such as Texas Master Naturalists, Texas Wildscapes and Texas Coastal Birding Trails, are designed to increase the public's awareness of our diverse wildlife and ways to enjoy it. Staff in wildlife diversity include mammologists, botantists, ornithologists, herpetologist, entomologists, urban biologists and outreach specialists.

Amphibian Watch workshop

Future endangered species biologists – starting early

Mussel Watch

Monarch netting

Removing Monarchs from net

Tagging the Monarch

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