Original Web Team

Part of working at TPW is learning how to work as a team. Here's an old web page that shows how a team of TPW employees who volunteered their time created the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Web site in 1995. This team received an employee award for its efforts.

See the Web Team Award Video (Real Media)

(l-r) John Herron, Don McCarty, Andy Jones, Kathleen Martin, Carol Vaca, Nancy Herron, Barbara Gregg, George Rios, Chris Henry, Dennis Gissell, David Archer


Bob Murphy, Steve Lightfoot, Linda Ranney, Scott Brown, Jonathan Crain, Megan Rucker, Mary-Love Bigony, Kathleen Jenkins, Kevin Reid, Chris Massey, Emily Carter Information Resources Branch, especially Sherry Branham, Dana Reynolds, Information Services Section


The Natural Classroom Student Interns
Gary Job Corps Students
Exploring Texas Participants

And Special Thanks to:
Gerry Beathard, our first webmaster and HTML guru

You've seen the who, now for the how:

We have a team, with sub-teams responsible for the site. This may sound like a lot, but we have a department of 2,500 people with 10 divisions, with everything from archeologists to zoologists. It's a great place to work, with compelling missions, and no end to what we'd like to share with you on the web! So we got organized…

Foremost is the Internet Steering Committee. This was the initial body that set the tone of the site, it's mission, and structure, within our department. There are representatives from each division on the committee. The ISC continues to meet to discuss policy and strategic planning for the site.

The Page Librarians work with content and design of the site. They serve as topic editors, and most create many pages for the site as well. Data Librarians create pages, and submit these to page librarians to be checked for errors and uploaded. The page librarians represent topics, rather than divisions. They make recommendations to the ISC.

At times we also meet for special tasks – field access or special policy writing. These groups meet as the need arises, and also make recommendations to the ISC.

We have a Webmaster who is responsible for keeping the server humming and helping with technological wizardry. One sentence is never enough to express the necessity and appreciation we have for this position – without the hardware and software running there just wouldn't be a web site!

Wow, you say! Cast of thousands and all that staff!! Actually, most of us do pages in our "spare time" at work, at home, wherever. It's a passion for us – this great new tool to bring TPWD to you. In addition to all the hard work and fun that has gone into making this site, our Internet Page Librarian team won a TPWD Employee Recognition Award for outstanding team work. Below is a photo taken at our annual awards banquet.

Web team at the Employee Recognition awards banquet

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