Bruce Biermann; Interviewer: Karen Loke

About Our Webcasts (Real Media)

TPW webcasts have received national recognition for excellence and innovation, and have been in production since 1998, a few months after streaming video was invented.

Here's a behind the scene look at two webcasts, Career Day and Rivers to the Ocean Live Dive.

Career Day

Webcast Production Team:
Education (Nancy Herron and staff) produce the webcast & engineer the webcasting technology
Media Services (Richard Roberts and staff) sets up a studio and handles the camera, sound and floor direction.

Here, Bruce is monitoring sound levels, Richard is switching the signals from one camera to the next, and Nancy is monitoring the guest content and ensuring that the computers are streaming the video out to the internet.

First, we send the camera signal …

to an encoding computer that sends it to servers on the internet. TPW as well as several universities and another state agency pooled their video server resources to bring this to you live.

While they are talking, Linda and Joe get the next guests lined up on the table to the left.

As the camera films the left table, we mic the guests and set up props at the table on the right for the following segment. This rotation continues for the entire 3 hours.

Congratulations and thank you to the talented high school students who interviewed our guests!

Behind the scenes at the dive webcast …

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