Webcast Example

"Rivers to the Ocean" Live Dive Webcast

See this two-minute opening scene in streaming video; then see how it came to you.

Introduction to Live Dive Webcast (Real Media)

Nancy lines up the guests and produces the technology of the webcast. She avoids being on camera… Steve, by day an aquatic educator, and one of her staff, creates characters for each webcast. Here, Steve is "Scuba Guy."

Step back and see behind the scenes … with Richard directing the cameras.

… and people waiting in the wings.

We create several sets, and switch the cameras from one set to the next during the live webcast.

Several people manned the computers to encode the show. Several universities and a commercial company joined with TPWD to help broadcast this show.

"Cyberways and Waterways" high school students waited for their turn to be on camera, while Linda kept them, and their props, organized.

Several props are also used for the webcast.

Julia set up the web pages and moderated the chatroom. Questions from the chatroom to the diver were relayed by phone and underwater headset.

Nancy sets up this maze of wires to the computers.

This webcast included a satellite transmission, which Richard is monitoring

And we have a signal from the diver – live and 70 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico! Steve, with the big smile, is founder of Cyberways and Waterways, and generously provided the funds through an educational grant to pay for the satellite transmission.

Monitoring the diver.

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